Our dynamic singing repertoire for primary schools, that children love!


Teacher from a Primary School in Brent

Ex Cathedra’s SingMaker team has been working together for over 20 years to write songs children love, that teachers can use to inspire and teach singing, and to embed a school singing culture. SingMaker is our purpose-written dynamic song repertoire, interactive films, and workshops and performance events for schools.

“The sheer passion for music, and the enthusiasm and energy you all showed was absolutely contagious – how wonderful for so many children to be inspired by your team, and to have such fun singing!”


Singing Play

“You guys are amazing. Where do you get all that energy from?”

Teacher from a Primary School in Brent

Get your children singing, moving and laughing

This online programme is new, for primary schools. Our set of interactive short singing-films bring our dynamic team of vocal tutors and instrumentalists into your classroom.

Singmaker Choir

Credit: Warwickshire Music

“Ex Cathedra’s SingMaker team believes in the power of singing. Join us.”

Rebecca Ledgard, Director of Education

‘Our students have been buzzing all day. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, experienced, organised, and just down-right lovely trio of people to work with over the two days. It was truly refreshing and inspiring to have colleagues in Ex Cathedra (if only for a few days). I am personally thrilled to have a fantastic new repertoire of songs and games to add to my arsenal and can’t wait to get stuck in to all the materials and resources that you have provided.’

Euan Fitzpatrick, Director of Music, Shrewsbury International School, Hong Kong

“I think you’re absolutely brilliant, that was absolutely brilliant. I haven’t seen her smile like that in ages!”


Why SingMaker?

Bring exciting singing activities to your pupils through our unique teaching and interactive singing films

Inspire your pupils to love group singing through our unique style and repertoire

Enable pupils to benefit from the wellbeing qualities of singing through engaging songs, lifting the spirits of your school

Raise the quality of singing through our expertly-written songs

Access a variety of dynamic singing repertoire including call and response and part songs, and decision-making songs.

“It reminds you how important singing and music is… you get older and you forget”


Get Singing

Bring our team into your classroom, with their dynamic repertoire.


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