Ex Cathedra’s ChoirMaker programme has been created by our award-winning Education and Participation team with the aim of enabling and inspiring you and your students to establish and develop a thriving school choir.

The programme is designed to support and enable secondary school teachers who want to build a culture of singing together in their schools but are unsure of how to go about it. With the click of a button you will have our team of vocal tutors, instrumentalists and conductors in your classroom.

I've Got to Sing!
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ChoirMaker in action
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Gemma and Suzie
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“The work of your team was crucial for moulding our community”

Ben Keeling, Head Master, Shrewsbury International School, Hong Kong

Designed for Year 7, ChoirMaker takes teachers and students through a carefully designed set of 10 online chapters, with each chapter being based on one song. Alongside the music notation there is a range of audio-visual resources to support you and your students. Some resources are for teachers, to aid you as the choir leader. Most are aimed at your students and include demo-performances, demonstrations of voice parts, warm-ups, and a range of interactive activities such as exploring call and response or showing your students how to add percussion. There are extension activities and further performances to view which we hope will inspire you all. You know your pupils best so you can choose to progress through the chapters at a speed of your choosing.

Vada ChoirMaker
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Harp Performance for Choir
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Choir Song Composing
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Luis singing with microphone
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SingMaker girls singing with microphone
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Dan Singing Choir music
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All our songs and activities have been developed through working in hundreds of primary and secondary schools over many years. We hope this programme will lead pupils from any Singing Playgrounds or SingMaker activities they may have taken part in in their primary schools to continuing to love singing at secondary school.

“Dear Mr Brown, Singing Playgrounds has changed my life.”

Year 4 boy writing to Gordon Brown,
Prime Minister, 2007 – 2010

SingMaker singing school
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Rob and Ruari at the piano
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School singing children
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In addition to the online programme, we also offer CPD sessions for teachers, workshops for students and school visits. Please contact us via education@excathedra.co.uk to find out more.

“At the end of lunchtime I feel sad that I have to stop singing but energised for my next lesson”

Song Leader, Roe Green

The Team

The ChoirMaker Year 7 programme team is made up of teachers, conductors, vocal tutors, singers, composers, pianists, percussionist, guitarist, kora player, students and school pupils.

Project Director: Rebecca Ledgard
Project Manager: Gemma King
Project Creative Digital: Sarah Batten
Project Choral Advisor: Dan Ludford-Thomas
Project School Curriculum advisor: Gemma King
Performers and presenters: Maia Ayling (singer), Marianne Ayling (composer and singer), Sarah Budd (composer, singer, conductor), Rob Challinor (piano, arranger, composer and notation) Ruairi Edwards (composer), Ex Cathedra Academy of Vocal Music Upper Voices (singing), Claire Hollocks (singer), Gemma King (singer, vocal tutor), Simon Peter King (guitars), Kadialy Kouyate (kora, singer), Annabel Ledgard (singer), Rebecca Ledgard, (vocal tutor, singer), Gabriella Liandu (singer), Dan Ludford-Thomas (composer, arranger, conductor, singer, vocal tutor), Luis Prendi (singer), Helena Raeburn (singer), Simone Rebello (percussion), Zoha Sohail (singer), Sally Spencer (singer), Pippa Wright (singer), Suzzie Vango (singer, composer, conductor)
Videography by Simon Peter King
Recorded at Vada Recording Studios by Matt Terry

With thanks to Ex Cathedra Choir and Jeffrey Skidmore OBE for the performance videos.

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